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AfterSchool: Revision For SPM

Good Luck for SPM!
As the clock continues to tick on the countdown to SPM, it's important to stay focussed and calm. There is still time to revise your lessons and prepare for the exams. And we have just the thing to help you do that.
The page contains revision questions for as many as 13 subjects. We have classified the questions into three categories;
Spot Questions for SPM 2011,
Revision Questions,
Past Year Question Analysis.
Check out information on the three categories below.
If you still need help from fellow SPM students or your seniors, do join our facebook group. It is the largest online community for students. While your seniors have been discussing their educational options after SPM, the current Form 5 students community may be a good starting point to share any questions or inputs you may have.

Finally, we want to wish you all the very best for the SPM. Here's to your bright future!
Malay Language/Bahasa Melayu {Download} {Answer}
English Language/Bahasa Inggeris {Download} {Answer}
History/Sejarah {Download} {Answer}
Modern Mathematics/Matematik {Download} {Answer}
Additional Mathematics/Matematik Tambahan {Download} {Answer}
Physics/Fizik {Download} {Answer}
Chemistry/Kimia {Download} {Answer}
Biology/Biologi {Download} {Answer}
Science/Sains {Download} {Answer}
Perdagangan {Download} {Answer}
Prinsip Akaun {Download} {Answer}
Suitable for:

  • all students Form 5 that completed learn all the syllabus in any subjects
  • period from June to October - can select any questions that already learned
  • after SPM Trial